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Install Robust Firewall Device And Secure Your Systems

The more innovations in technology take place especially in the digital landscape, the more brazen cyber criminals seem to become. As technology brings better efficiencies, reduces redundancies, and fosters a better customer experience, it is also subjected to threats. The threats are from the presence of viruses, trojans, and malware. The ever increasing cases of hackers hacking into systems to steal data, sensitive business information or to cause disruption have brought into sharp focus the need to strengthen the security of digital assets.

Just imagine a scenario wherein a business application developed by your company with a potential to disrupt the market gets hacked. As a consequence, the entire time, money, effort and resources spent by the company in developing the application go waste in an instant. Moreover, it is not only about securing the networks alone for individual employees too can be targeted through social engineering or otherwise to share the company secrets. Does it ring an alarm?

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Prevention is Better Than Cure

To prevent cyber criminals from compromising the networks, systems, cloud, or applications, the security environment should be suitably strengthened. This should be done by establishing a firewall to check the ingress and egress of data/information based on some predefined protocols.

What is a firewall?

As digital devices such as computers, laptops, mobiles, notebooks and tablets are connected to the internet there is a likelihood of them getting compromised. This can happen when hackers take advantage of the security vulnerabilities of the networks or systems and steal data for ulterior motives. For example, if you use an ecommerce mobile app to buy products or services, the lack of security of the app can be dire. It can range from you becoming a victim of identity theft to losing money from your bank account. Thus, the importance of a firewall comes into play to prevent such an eventuality.

A firewall is a program or a hardware device that acts as a protective shield between your computer and the internet. It filters the information that flows into or out of your computer system. You can install a number of firewalls in your computer networks but managing them on a daily basis or updating them from time to time could involve some effort. Moreover, this could increase your operational cost, which you can simply do without. The best way to tackle the issue of cyber threats and reducing the operational cost is to outsource the job to the experts.

HEX64, The Experts

The cyber security experts at HEX64 analyse the IT environment at your place and suggest a suitable firewall service package that takes care of the threats. While doing so, the experts set up the rules based on which the firewall monitors the packet and decides whether to let it pass. Whether you systems use the cloud for your business operations or private VPN networks, the experts establish a robust security architecture to keep your data and information, safe and secure.


In view of the ever increasing cyber security threat scenario, businesses have no other option but to secure their IT infrastructure. The IT security experts at HEX64 can provide the best firewall service package and other security paraphernalia (with 24 x 7 backup) to secure your systems.

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