How To Reset WordPress In Linux Hosting On GoDaddy

In this blog, we will show how to Reset WordPress in Linux Web Hosting. This will erase all the content in your Linux hosting account on GoDaddy so that you can start over with a fresh installation.

Warning: This will erase all the content so if you want to keep any content, you can make copies and download.

Follow the below steps;

1.  Sign into your Godaddy account.


2. Go to your account and just click on it.


3. Select the option My Products.


4. Under Web Hosting, select the Linux Hosting account you want to use, and click on Manage.


5. In the account Dashboard, click on Account Actions.


6. Select the Reset option from the drop down.


7. Read the message (we’ll remind you what gets erased) and click Next.

8. Type Reset in the field and then clicks Reset Account. This will erase everything in the account. Now you are good to go for the fresh setup.

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