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How To Integrate vCenter With Nimble Array

Here we are showing, how to integrate Nimble with vCenter for easy management, starting with basic vCenter integration in Nimble.
The web client is not an alternative for the traditional vCenter thick client. This was introduced in vSphere 5 & 6 could only be managed via the new Web Client. In order to manage the Nimble, the web client introduced to manage the new VMware features.

Prerequisite for Nimble plug in installation:

1. Required vCenter & Nimble access.
2. From a vCenter perspective, you need to be running vCenter.
3. Array/group needs to be running Nimble OS.
4. Login to the web client and check status.

Steps to Integrate with Nimble:

1.  Login to Nimble web management portal, go to Administration > vCenter Plugin.
Process of registration is identical to the previous versions of Nimble OS.
Integrate with Nimble
2.  Choose the subnet on which vCenter is reachable from Nimble.
3.  Enter the hostname and credentials of vCenter Host and click Register.
vCenter Plugin

4.  To use the Nimble Storage vCenter plugin, login to the vCenter server using FLEX option.

vCenter server using FLEX

5.   After login right click on any datastore and go to the Nimble Storage Actions to manage the volume from vCenter.

manage the volume from vCenter
6.  To edit the volume click on edit data store or other option as per the need.

volume click on edit data store

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