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How to Create Team Site on Microsoft Office365 SharePoint

Here we are showing how you can use Microsoft Office 365 to track your business sale, Share documents, communicate with your team, track events; manage tasks and many more.

Steps to create site

1.  Login to Microsoft Office 365 account.
Go to Microsoft Office 365 apps.

2. Select SharePoint.


3. Click on Create site.

Click on Create site

4. Choose the type of site you’d like to create. Here we select Team site.

select Team site

5. Write the site name, and click next.

site name and click next

6. Add the additional owner and member email account, and click Finish.

click finish

7. SharePoint site is created successfully.

8. Now go again to SharePoint management and open SharePoint site.


9. Select list.


10. Click on list and mention the list name and click on Create.

click on Create

11. Now click on Add column and mention the names of the column as per your need.

 Add column and mention the columns

12. Go back to Microsoft Office 365 apps and click on Microsoft Forms.

click on Microsoft Forms

13. Click on New Form.

Click on New Form

14. Click on Add new.

Click on Add new

15. Select your form type (if need rating type form or text type form select as per your requirement) and use the same fields and the same data types as in your SharePoint list.

same data types as in your SharePoint list

16. Go back on Microsoft Office 365, click on flow.

Microsoft Office 365

17. Go to search bar and type form.

search bar and type

Click on Continue.

Click on Continue

18. Select the form id in form id (Name of Form) tab.

form id tab

19. In Get response details tab select form id, form where you’re capturing the data.

response details tab select form id

20. Select site address in Create item tab SharePoint list into which you want to put the data.

Create item tab SharePoint

21. Select Office 365 outlook for email.

22. After select Office 365 send an email.

select-Office -365

23. Map the fields between the form and the list and save the list.

the form and the list and save

Now we have setup the flow to send an email, whenever a form is filled by someone, details will be send through the office 365.

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