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How Installing An Enterprise Firewall Can Mean Good Business

Do you think cyber criminals will not target your computer(s) or organisation due to its relatively smaller size? Do you think the data used in your organisation is not worth hacking? If yes, you cannot be more off the mark. The changing profile of cyber criminals means no system or network is fully secured for all times and organisations have to be on their toes and be a step ahead in securing their systems and networks. Even if your company’s server has multiple layers of security it is not always the case that the personal computers of employees are secured as well. Hence, these computers can be the low hanging fruits that hackers would target to get hold of confidential data, any business chatter, or classified business information about your organisation. Such a possibility should ring the alarm bells and steps should be taken to beef up security by installing what is called the enterprise firewall.

Enterprise Firewall


Consequences of a Compromised Security System or Network

Before getting into installing a robust multi-tier security system let us first find out the damage a compromised system or network can cause.

  • Identity theft can lead to the breach of confidential data and information. A hacker can simply steal the user id or password of an employee and gain access to your database.
  • The system or network can be rendered inoperative by injecting a malware or trojan leading to project delays, loss of trust among your clients, and an additional cost spent on making the system or network run again.
  • Theft of clients’ data can lead to filing of suits by clients and their end customers
  • A negative impact on your business prospects that can be severely damaging


How can Enterprise Firewall Remedy the Situation?

A firewall provides a multi layer security paraphernalia consisting of hardware and programs. The hardware devices are installed in a way that all information and IP addresses leading to or out of the servers are monitored for suspected activity based on established security protocols. In the event of finding one, the firewall red flags and blocks it thus preventing any damage. However, it is nobody’s case that once such a security system is installed, everyone can go back to sleep until rudely awaken by another security scare.

The point here is to install a security system, which is updated from time to time in view of the emerging threats and to plug the existing system vulnerabilities. Thus, it is better to acquire a firewall that is backed by a robust support mechanism including carrying out periodic security audits. This calls for Hex64, the security providers with a proven track record. In fact, Hex64 has a slew of security devices in its arsenal, which can help your organisation’s data centres to get the better of cyber criminals.


HNS 200B

The security appliance provides the maximum bandwidth and can handle (read secure) differentiated services and the ingress/egress of information. The product comes with the below mentioned features such as

  • Integrated anti virus, anti spam, web filtering, ISP load balancing and IPS
  • Remote support of up to 3 months
  • 5 site to site VPN
  • Remote access VPN for roaming clients



Ignoring the existing security threat to your system or network can be counterproductive. It is best to fight the threat by installing enterprise firewall systems from Hex64 and remain secured.

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  1. Installing new firewall device is always security purpose for network. So correct installing of firewall device is a important thing.

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