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Drive Mapping or Group Policy Failure Over VPN

In this blog, we are showing how to mapping the drive. If group policy fails then how we can fix this issue.


– When user connects VPN through Forticlient from remote location then group policy doesn’t works.
– Users can’t find map drive when we connect to the corporate domain using Forticlient VPN.

Possible Cause:

Group policy processing works when system boots or user log-in but in this case domain is unreachable during system boot and user login as VPN is connected only after user log-in.


– To fix this we connect the VPN before user log-in so the group policy can be fetched and applied before log-in.
– This solution divided into 3 parts, first creating DNS suffix for proper FQDN resolution then updating Forticlient VPN Settings to enable auto connect and at last follow new log-in process to connect VPN prior log-in.

Create DNS suffix:

1.  Open Run and type ncpa.cpl.

2.  Double click on in use Wi-Fi or LAN adapter.

3.  Click on Properties button.

4.  Select IPv4 and click on Properties.

5.  Go to Advanced and open it.


6.  Go to DNS

7.  Select the option Append these DNS suffix (in order) and click on Add.

8.  On the pop-up window, type the domain name and click on Add

9.    Click on OK button on the next window.

10.  Close and exit the network adapter settings.

VPN Settings:

1.   Open FortiClient Console and go to REMOTE ACCESS

2.   Select the VPN name (may have different name) and click on the gear icon (setting).

3.  Select the option “Edit the selected connection”.

4.   Select the option Save login and enter the username.

5.   Click on Save button.

6.   Go to Setting option and unlock the setting by clicking on Unlock Setting.

7.   Check the Enable VPN before logon option

8.   Connect the VPN and disconnect once it connects successfully.

9.   Now you will get save password option, so put the password and check Save Password.

10.   Open elevated (admin cmd) command prompt and type the command control passwords2.

11.  Restart the system.


1.  Click on the Sign-in options.

2.   Click on the FortiClient icon.

3.   Enter the Username and password for system login.

4.   Uncheck the highlighted option “Use my Windows credentials for VPN” in case if checked.

5.    Select the VPN name and you don’t need to enter the username and password for VPN.

6.   Press enter to login into your system.

Now you can find your mapped drive connected and accessible.

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