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Dell EMC Data Domain Web System Manager Fails To Open The Login Page

In this blog, we will solve the problem that prevents the user from logging into the Dell EMC Data Domain System Manager Graphical User Interface from a web browser.

When User is trying to launch Data Domain System Manager from any Web Browser, error displayed is “The GUI Service is temporarily unavailable”.

1. This issue can occur when DDOS is upgraded to 6.x family from 5.6.x or 5.7.x platforms. For environments that use self-signed SHA-256 certificates, the certificates must be regenerated manually after the DDOS upgrade process is complete, a trust must be reestablished with external systems that connect to the Data Domain system.

2. This issue can occur at times when the DD system is under heavy load.


The fix is a quite simple one, just disable HTTP & HTTPS and then re-enable it as seen below:
1.  Login Data Domain System with SSH (Putty).
2.  Run the command.
adminaccess disable http

3.  Run the command.
adminaccess disable https

4. Run the command.
adminaccess enable http

5. Run the command.
adminaccess enable https


6.  Now open Web Browser and connect to Data Domain System Manager.
7.  It should work fine.

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