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Cloud Computing- The Future of IT Security in India

These days we frequently hear about random cases of ransomware, data theft and computer hacks. Not only such things are happening more in number but also causing a huge financial loss to the companies. The traditional IT security measures are failing to check the problems successfully. In this scenario, IT security experts are thinking in a different way. How about using the techniques of cloud computing to secure the entire IT infrastructure of your company?

Utility of Cloud Computing to Secure the IT Infrastructure of your Company

IT security gets a boost with the help of cloud computing. Traditional means of IT security require a professional to spend numerous hours researching the threats and troubleshooting them. In contrary, with the help of cloud computing, IT security experts could quickly respond to the threats and put their attention on the business risks. Many Indian companies are hiring IT security service providers which are working with the latest techniques of cloud computing.

Costly Ransomware Attacks could Severely Enhance your Cost Overhead

Ransomware attacks could be immensely costly. If we base our discussion on the researches made by Kaspersky Lab we see that a company may have to shell out a whopping 713,000 USD in the form of payment of the ransom and to compensate the related losses. These include the amount payable to get back the lost data, in the process of improving the infrastructure and reviving the lost brand image.

As per Kaspersky survey report, the actual amount payable in the form of ransom could be 300 USD but the overall cost of clean-up and restoration of back-up could further push this figure.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

There are many benefits of cloud computing in the domain of IT security.

  1. Safer: According to IT security experts, compared to personal cyber security infrastructure, it is safer to invest in cloud computing. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle are the top players in the world of IT security. However, if you sign a contract with one of these companies, the price that you need to pay will be quite high. You could find worthy replacements among other IT security service providers. When you sign a contract with them, you ensure a better security for your IT infrastructure at affordable rates.
  2. Rich knowledge: Most of the cloud computing service providers follow good internal practices. They keep their core establishment highly secured and this knowledge is utilised in the domain of cloud computing. In this way, you get cyber protection services which are regularly upgraded.
  3. Cost reduction: One of the greatest attractions of cloud computing is the reduction of cost overhead. Herein, you are replacing an investment with a fee. Most of us have seen that it is difficult to keep a track of such investments and most often it is a chain of further investments in future. One time fee for cloud computing services gives you a respite from escalating amount of money.

Given so many benefits of cloud computing, you can sign a contract with one of the IT security service provider in India. Ensure a robust security infrastructure for your company by switching to cloud computing.

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