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Choosing Your Managed Security Service Provider | Managed Security Service

Choosing the right MSSP for your company is essential to protecting your customers, your people, methods, data and infrastructure. Everything depends on the security you put in place. Hence it is essential to have the right MSSP for your business. But it can be difficult to understand which MSSP to go with. Especially if you’re not entirely sure what you need in the first place.
Before signing a deal or contract and partnership with an MSSP, or if you want to associate the latest MSSP, make sure they provide the following seven factors. That way, whatever the services, you can be sure that your overall security needs will be met.

  1. Round the Clock Service

When your Internal team works only during working hours, weekdays, on normal working days, your devices, network, data and everything that goes on in your organization needs 24/7 security services. This is why your MSSP must offer 24/7 comprehensive protection 24/7/365, irrespective of the operating schedule, holidays. 24/7 is proposed to be managed by individuals and not by automated devices or devices. You should be able to call the SOC at 4 A.M. and have someone answer the call. Beware of some automated services, they don’t provide the same level of care, nor will they answer your particular security requirements.

  1. Rapid Response

Once you guarantee that your MSSP is open 24/7 for support, find out what their response speed is for needs and doubts of different severity. Your MSSP should have a hotline number in case you anticipate an incident, or something really important. They should also have an application that you can quickly access the team and a designated service delivery manager can call to sign up once.
Your service provider should have an SLA agreement or compliance, and it should state the promptness of response and responsibility thereon. 
It also deserves testimonials and validation checks. If an MSSP has received an award for its services or platform from a trusted source, they may have methods in place to monitor and support their customers throughout all incidents.

  1. There When Things Get Rough

In this pandemic, power blackout, natural disaster, fraud, or anything that propels your organizations into free-fall, you need to understand that your security team or partner has your back. The right MSSP will help you plan such instances. Not only will they assist you with planning, but they will also have emergency plans to position yourself in the event of a disaster. This way the data is protected from both sides and business can go on as usual regardless of the circumstance.
Verify that your MSSP provider operates out of a Tier-3 data center, has DR (Disaster Recovery) and HA (High Availability). Serious players have the serious infrastructure.

  1. Continual Support

Not only do you need your MSSP to assist you when serious concerns arise, but they need to be consistent in supporting them. If your representatives often deal with security concerns themselves, and cannot proceed with their exact situation, there is a need to provide quick responses to security questions to respond to threats at a rapid pace.

  1. Proactive not Reactive Security

Without an MSSP, companies are often bound to security only when there is a concern. With MSSP, experts will be able to continuously promote your business to receive the right updates, and proactively explore concerns by the wrong individuals to spot problems and use them against the organization. Your MSSP should tell you what to focus on. Beware of alerting services, this is not what you need; you want someone to create the ticket, work on the ticket, and be with you and give you advice.
Think of your security as a mission that should mature as it improves. You must constantly ask yourself, did you have an MSSP that concerns you with A, B and C, so with an MSSP, how much have you grown since then? And maturity is not the obvious capability, it is not just the technology and personality that the MSSP will offer or provide 24/7 access to equipment or tools, but as an organization they have informed you of the architectural changes that you may need Can it be done? This information is important.

Managed Security Service Provider

  1. Third-party Partnerships Maintained

One of the great virtues of MSSP is that it has to be in combination with some of the most reliable technology and services possible first. You also need to have enterprise-grade devices, tools, and access to experts. It suggests, instead of outsourced owning for each small component, your MSSP should have the correct processes in place as a part of the first package. It not only keeps track of your time across providers but also guarantees that the right tools work accurately, creating more opportunities for you and your team and MSP partners to manage your business.

  1. Realistic Budget

Technology continues to advance, which makes implementing security funding systems challenging. However, your MSSP should take care of you. The actual MSSP will explain and offer options for your own workforce as well as your security needs, and find out what your company’s annual profile looks like to save money and increase productivity. They should also offer a fixed pricing model; you need a single point of connection, not only technically with delivery, but also commercially.

Outputs of an MSSP

The right MSSP should increase business productivity by saving you time, using appropriate resources, and keeping the most appropriate services operational for you. An MSSP can guarantee that you are an authorized compliant, help mitigate threats, and degrade disaster fixes if attacked. But, most importantly, an MSSP will support your organization so that your company can continue to build and build, without worrying that your security will cause it to break down, from threats both inside and outside. 

When you’re assessing an Managed Security Service Provider, ask them to inspect their work, ask them to show you how they raise tickets, and ask them for their monthly and weekly reports. You need to understand what you’re moving to see, and what you’re going to show management. Talk to them about the escalation matrix.

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