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How Can A Network Architecture Support Help Businesses

The dynamic digital ecosystem of today deals with cutting edge technologies such as cloud, IoT, machine learning and AI, blockchain, big data, and predictive analytics among others. Each of these technologies along with the existing ones hinges on the business objectives, demand, and cost of implementation. It is imperative for a digital company to leverage any of these technologies to stay ahead of the competition curve. The way IT has become the backbone of enterprises across industry verticals, IT network architecture support has taken centrestage to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Reliability & Redundancy
  • Capacity utilization and operational efficiency
  • Cost rationalization
  • Better monitoring of workflows, inventories, processes, and services
  • Security of processes, networks, systems, databases, and applications
  • The objectives of leveraging network architectural support services are to ensure the addition of systems or applications, besides features and functionalities to the existing IT infrastructure. The addition should be seamless and future proof for the entire lifecycle of the architecture. It should reduce the business risks and deliver products and services that meet customer expectations. The network architecture blends business objectives with the technical framework and includes services like email, archiving, and domain naming among others.

    The network architecture should not be the topology of the existing hardware inventory but a map that rises above technologies, software, and databases. It should act as a guide for the CIO and his/her team to suggest solutions for any network issue or business challenge.

    How to Establish an IT Network Architecture Support?

    The process should involve stages like analysis, design and implementation. The analysis stage deals with understanding the current architecture, systems, networks and applications and the problems or risks associated with them. It also looks into the aspects of network management, performance, and security. Importantly, the analysis stage looks into the way the new architecture will meet the business objectives including the cost of implementation.

    The design phase involves creating the blueprint of a LAN or WAN architecture by taking into account the security imperatives. The security aspect is better understood by carrying out a GAP analysis wherein the missing chunks of the architecture is identified. These chunks are needed to be plugged in order to prevent data breaches or hackers from breaking into the system.

    Benefits of Establishing a Network Support Architecture

    • Assessing the state of present architecture including its vulnerabilities
    • Evaluate the future network requirements
    • Establishing proper authentication protocol to secure the systems, networks, platforms and applications
    • Implementing system architecture that leverages latest technologies for improving productivity
    • Improving the robustness and flexibility of the architecture by allowing it to scale

    Leveraging the Cloud?

    One of the important attributes of establishing a network support architecture is leveraging the cloud. By doing so, an enterprise can help reduce the cost of its operations and improve efficiency. The analysis phase of the architecture chooses the type of cloud platform – public, private or hybrid and services like SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS to be adopted.


    Implementing a network support architecture can help an enterprise to streamline its processes, secure its systems, and ensure it remains ready to adopt any future technology.

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