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5 Tips to Develop a Simple Business Connectivity Solution

The world of business is inter-connected and its dependence on the quality of networking is enhancing in stature. As such the significance of the connectivity service providers is growing as well. The service providers are recruiting the best talents of the industry. The proficient software engineers are developing programmes so that the business connectivity services become more simple and user-friendly. Top connectivity services also have their Research and Development wings where the programmers work relentlessly to expand the avenues, implement innovative ideas and bring out the best of the service.

Here we shall focus on the 5 tips for those working with SharePoint for the sake of simplification of the steps of development cycle.

Connectivity Service Providers

1. Successfully Control your Authentication Process: Very often, people would struggle to access an external system. The 2 most problematic issues pertaining to the selection and configuration of the authentication process. Talking about the silver lining, the vast architectural requirements for connection established via either a SharePoint business connectivity solution or a custom web app, are identical. You need to take care of 4 things-

  • The sort of external system
  • The authentication types supported
  • The connection code form
  • The authentication model

2. The Performance Features of Business Connectivity Solution: The external systems host a huge amount of data. One could introduce multiple techniques to improve the application responsiveness and to put an end to the potential performance bottlenecks.
Execution of numerous calls for individual type descriptors could impact the performance. One simple solution is to recycle the target web application pool thereby rendering an external list.

To reduce the bottlenecks posed by the SharePoint External Item Picker Control, one could create Wildcard Filter Descriptors.

3. Understanding the model for Bussiness Connectivity: The latest application software packages come with built-in support to create and edit different business connectivity models. They come with third-party tools. In addition, you can add details to a particular model by dropping the XML. Apply methods to improve the performance of type descriptors.

4. The features of an external list: The External List that comes along SharePoint 2010 despite being extremely useful, has its own limitations. One of them is the fact that the back-end data is external to SharePoint. One could bypass the limitations by applying some smart steps like handling the item-level security in the Line-of-Business system. Next, one can overcome the User Interface limitations without erasing the utility of SharePoint External List interface. One could implement XSL transforms for improving the experience of External List interface.

5. Simplify the Deployment of a Business Connectivity Solution: If one is expecting the quick deployment experience of sandboxed solutions to match with that of a SharePoint based Business Connectivity Solution, justice would not be met out. The solution is hidden in full trust solutions offered by eminent cloud service providers. Here, one has the complete control of the SharePoint environment and hence could configure it along with the service provider.

The proficient software engineers working with the connectivity service providers could help in improving the performance issues of the Business Connectivity Solutions. To improve your business performance, get in touch with the service providers.

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