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Remote Management

How To Effectively Manage Information During The Time Of A Crisis

Remote Infrastructure Management is a method of managing the IT infrastructure of a business from a remote location. It combines the management of devices like Server, Firewall and software, network and storage...

Managed IT Solutions

Dell EMC Data Domain Web System Manager Fails To Open The Login Page

In this blog, we will solve the problem that prevents the user from logging into the Dell EMC Data Domain System Manager Graphical User Interface from a web browser. Issue- When User is trying to launch Data Do...

Disaster Recovery Services
Database management

How To Recover SA Password On Microsoft SQL Server

If an SA password is ever lost then instead of re-installing SQL and re-attaching the DB, SQL Server provides a great disaster recovery method that keeps objects and data in the master DB. Members of the server...

Managed IT Security

Essential Part of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in Data Protection

Absence of penetration testing, a fresh study found that 33% of enterprises have dropped customers because of a breach. Not just will this variety of security events more add to the prices of the potential dama...

Robust IT Infrastructure-Services
Backup & DR

How to Remove Backup sets in Veritas Backup Exec

From Veritas Backup Exec 2014 onwards, it has no option to delete the backup sets however we can set the expiry date to clean up backup sets. In this blog we are showing how to remove backup set in Veritas Bac...

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