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Managed IT Solutions Provider
Managed IT Service

Managed IT Solutions Provider: SDN & NFV: Driving Additional Value into Managed Services

From giving seamless scalability to giving top-of-the-line in security, SDN and NFV are driving value into managed services. Explore how those technologies link to create a simple, extra-flexible infrastructure...

Network Management Services
Network Management Service

Network Management Services : Impact Network Control: Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

What is Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)? Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a primary aspect of an MSP’s offering. It’s a set of tools that enables your dedicated vCIO to remotely check up on your...

Network Penetrationn Testing
Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing: How IT Works: Micro segmentation

Whether defending sentient information, learned property or just protecting against attacks, all IT agencies must apply some devices to data protection. Traditionally, this assumes the form of a sophisticated f...

IT Infrastructure Services
Managed IT Service

IT Infrastructure Services : VDI Adoption Trends towards Growth From BYOD, Cloud, And Remote Work

The global Virtual Desktop Infrastructure market for the duration of 2015 – 2025 is expected to have a Compound annual growth rate of 37%, a high loan rate for a technology that developed behind in 2006 as an o...

IT Security & Audit Services
Managed IT Security

IT Security & Audit Services : How to Conduct an Internal Security Audit in Five Simple, Inexpensive Steps

Managing an in-house security audit is an exceptional method to get your organization on the best track towards protecting against a data breach and extra harmful security threats. Various IT and security exper...