Our Journey

We are the rising star in the horizon and have established a dedicated service that aims to contribute to the growth story of client organizations. In order to establish a long-term relationship, we never compromise on the quality of services and products.

Given the frequent breaches of cyber security, HEX64 brings in network solutions with a robust infrastructure. We offer on-demand cloud integration with the traditional network system. Multi-location branch offices could be easily controlled and accessed via our tailor-made services for remote access connectivity. To fortify the security aspect of your network architecture, we conduct network penetration testing and web test automation. The firewall support packages are also available with us. You could vouch for our post-service maintenance facilities also.

Our Team

The talented and experienced team of HEX64 is an association of varied personalities who are attached to a network of common objectives. With the sole motive of making your relationship with the world of the IT services smooth and hassle-free, we team up with the industry best experts operating in the fields of IT Network Architecture Support; IT Infrastructure Consulting; Network Penetration; Cloud Integration; Web Test Automation and the Smart Office Connectivity.


Our Excellence

Excellence and promptness are the 2 main pillars of HEX64. We strive for keeping the sanctity of the confidential data of an organization. You certainly do not wish to compromise data and information of your company. At HEX64, right from the advanced methodologies of information audit we provide cloud integration services and manage all the related security issues. Firewall support packages; security audit systems; cloud-based anti-virus system; email configuration services would ensure the data sanctity.

Want to set up your startup enterprise? Give us a call. We would help you with the establishment of the IT infrastructure; the design and deployment of a network; to set up a high-speed data center and backup management with the aid of cutting-edge technologies.

Our Success Story

The success story of HEX64 is nothing short of a fairytale affair where the vision of a few became the mission of all who contribute their effort to realize the out-of-the-barrel ideas for participating in the sustainable development of an organization. We wish to dedicate the credit of our success story to:

  • A perfect balance between dynamism and professionalism
  • Quality centric approach
  • Rendering the most appropriate business solutions
  • House the industry best resources that could meet the expectations of the clients.